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General review on France
You might have some global questions about France, its location in Europe, its business environment, its attractiveness and its assets. This short guide should show you why 25.000 foreign companies are already operating in France.
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Invest in France booklet 2015

Doing business in France
Every year, our agency carries out a guide to help executive managers and directors understand the French law and regulation about business. From social convents to tax incentives, it sums up every information you might need to set-up in France.
Doing business in France

Foreign investment in France
The “2014 Annual Report: Foreign investment in France. The international development of the French economy” analyzes foreign investment decisions in France and their contribution to the French economy.
Foreign investment in France

France Attractiveness Scoreboard
For the sixth consecutive year, Business France, in conjunction with the Treasury Directorate at the French Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, and the French Commission for Regional Equality (CGET), is proud to present the France Attractiveness Scoreboard.
France Attractiveness Scoreboard


Cutting red tape
As a preferred destination for international investment, France has adapted its regulations to streamline procedures for incoming foreign talent and expertise. This article should make your life easier.
Permits facilitating international transfers

Common questions about France: we answer
French regulation may not be known to all investors in the world and sometimes people only consider France through common beliefs. That is why we provide you an answer to questions we often hear.
Q&A about France

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