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1. Only certain documents can be admitted for authentication of signature or certification. In order to avoid an unproductive trip, we advise you, prior to your visit to the Consulate, to submit to us the document in question by mail.

2. Regarding translations, the Embassy of France only authenticates the signature of the translators on its notary list.

The authentication attests to the authenticity of the signature, the profession of the signatory of the certificate and, where necessary, the identity of the seal or stamp on the certificate.

The authentication is not obligatory in all cases. You may present yourself beforehand to the authority where the certificate must be produced to check on the necessity for authentication.


It authenticates :
1. private agreements written in French or presented in the form of a translation carrying the signature of a translator on this list of notaries of which (non-exclusive conditions) :
*the signatory is French ;
*the signatory has to produce this certificate in France or before another ambassador or Head of the French consular post;
*the signatory represents a French company or association.

2. Public certificates :
* French public certificates intended to be produced overseas;
* Public certificates from a Singaporean authority and intended to be produced in France or before another ambassador or Head of French consular post ;
* Public certificates from diplomatic and foreign consular agents resident in Singapore and intended to be produced in France or before another ambassador or Head of French consular post.

It does not authenticate :
* Certificates of civil status, judiciary and other public certificates, or their translation, drawn up in Singapore and intended to be produced in France ;
* the translation of documents performed by the diplomatic or consular representation (in Singapore) of the country where the certificates are subjected to the formality of the apostille ;
* the certificates or proxies (usually termed as notaries, which are done by public officers, notaries, having the right to draw up the agreement in the place where the certificate is produced with the requisite formalities);
* the certificates and documents which are not drawn up in French.

To authenticate your documents, you have to :
* sign the document before a consular agent, not in any case beforehand.
* pay the corresponding chancellery fees.

The certification consists of affixing, after comparison with the original, the phrase "For certified copy" as well as the date and place of certification on the photocopy of a document.
It only applies to a French document, not intended for French territories.
Certain documents have to be presented in the original form, their photocopy cannot be certified.
Hence, the Consulate cannot certify copies of certificates of civil status (for instance, family register), notorised or judicial. You can, at any time, obtain originals of these documents by addressing the relevant authority (for instance, for a birth certificate from the registry of births.....).

REMINDER : certification is not required for photocopies intended to be produced before a French administration since the decree n° 2001-899 of 1st October 2001, carrying the repeal of regulatory clauses relating to the certification of copies of documents released by the administrative authorities.

Besides photographs, the Consulate General can certify copies of :
- passports ;
- identity cards ;
- residence permits.
It is sufficient to present the original document (obligatory) and its photocopy.

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