Visa for students [fr]

Short stay student visa (1 - 90 days)

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Long stay student visa (more than 90 days and over 18 years of age)

New Procedure from 15 April 2017

1st step: academic interview at the Campus France office

From 15 April 2017, students who wish to study in France for more than 90 days need to follow the Campus France procedure before applying for a student visa at the Consulate section. Click here for more information.


2nd step: visa application submission at the visa section

Once you finished the interview and your application is verified by Campus France, you can then continue the process at the Consulate:

• Print your Acceptance letter / Confirmation of acceptance in your Etudes en France account.

Take your appointment with the Consulate. Applicants should come to the visa section with their passport and a complete set of the required documents sorted in order.

Download the list of required documents

Long stay student visa for minors (more than 90 days and under 18 years of age)

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Student internship visa

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Visa for studies subject to an entrance examination

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For information on studies in France visit Campus France

Download the long stay visa application form

Download the short stay student visa application form (1 - 90 days)

Download the OFII form

Download the Financial Support Commitment Form

Visa processing times

PDF - 79.8 kb
(PDF - 79.8 kb)

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