The « Sensual City » of Jacques Ferrier Architecture invited at Archifest 2016 [fr]


“A Vision for the Sensual City” is one of the exhibitions that takes place during the festival Archifest. It showcases some of the most notable works and research projects of Jacques Ferrier Architecture.

Jacques Ferrier is a French architect and urbanist, well known for his concept of Sensual City. The aim is to develop urban projects that chime with the humanistic vision of the agency : to create cities that contribute to a sustainable society.
In specially designed boxes, the exhibition shows the studio most recent projects through books, models and drawings including the future stations of the Grand Paris Express, the Lycée Français International Charles de Gaulle in Beijing and the France Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo 2010.

  • 4 October – 2.30pm/4.30pm: Discussion
  • 5th to 28th October: Exhibition

URA Centre Atrium
The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road
Singapore, 069118


Dernière modification : 04/10/2016

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