LHD Tonnerre and Frigate Guépratte make port call in Singapore [fr]

The Mistral-class landing helicopter dock (LHD) Tonnerre and the frigate Guépratte (La Fayette-type frigate) were anchored at Changi Naval Base from Sunday 24 April to Friday 29 April. Their 6-day-long stay in Singapore was part of the task force “Jeanne d’Arc 2016" which embodies perfectly the diversity of the missions that the French Navy is able to conduct within a joint and interarmed setting.


This operational deployment is a practical training course in real-life conditions for the 130 French and foreign midshipmen graduating from the French Naval Academy, as well as students supply officers and maritime affairs student-officers.


The Jeanne d’Arc mission combines several objectives : an operational mission ; a collaborative mission (interoperability with major allies and bilateral training with the local navies); a large-scale mission (naval support for diplomacy and exports) and a training mission for the 130 cadets on board.

A naval exercise with the Republic of Singapore Navy’s missile-launcher frigate ’Tenacious’ was conducted on April 22nd. Defence cooperation holds a key position in the bilateral relations between France and Singapore, and these ties are old and strong.

Dernière modification : 16/06/2016

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