The International Security Cooperation Directorate (DCIS)


1/ The International Security Cooperation Directorate (DCIS)

The International Security Cooperation Directorate (DCIS) is an active directorate shared by the French National Police and National Gendarmerie and under the joint authority of both General Directors. It is tasked with implementing France’s foreign policy in the fields managed by the Ministry of the Interior, except for intelligence issues.

DCIS law enforcement officers ensure the implementation of international cooperation programmes and activities in the field of domestic security and civil protection. To this end, they contribute to reinforce security through the fight of all types of crime and support the French community against disasters of all forms.

A global response to meet the challenges of a changing world

Cooperation between countries is essential to cope with any threat developing abroad. Terrorism, transnational organised crime, drugs or weapons trafficking, irregular migration and trafficking in human beings, cybercrime, are all top priorities for DCIS police and gendarmerie officers. France relies on its network of “Internal Security Services” abroad in 73 embassies to carry out bilateral and multilateral cooperation. This network, staffed by 300 police and gendarmerie officers, covers 152 countries in all five continents. They are run by Internal Security Attachés, (also known as Regional Police Attachés), their deputies (Deputy Regional Police Attachés), liaison officers, assistants, cooperation officers but also international technical experts, who are also part of a shared network with the DCSD (Security and Defence Cooperation Directorate).

A coordinating and leading role

The DCIS leads and coordinates the technical, institutional and operational cooperation of the National Police and National Gendarmerie. It also implements all international technical cooperation operations for the General Secretariat of the Ministry of the Interior, the Directorate-General for Civil Protection, the Directorate-General for Foreign Nationals in France, the Directorate-General for Local and Regional Authorities as well as the Road Traffic and Safety Delegation.

2/ Regional Police Attaché Office in Singapore

The Regional Police Attaché Office is located within the French Embassy in Singapore since 1992. Presently it covers Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Timor-Leste.

In addition, the Singapore Regional Police Attaché Office is responsible for coordinating international security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region, in conjunction with the Regional Police Attaché Offices of India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Regional Police Attaché
His role is to advise the Ambassador in all domestic security matters falling within the scope of the Ministry of the Interior. He is in charge of the bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of security and governance, particularly in the technical, operational and institutional aspects. Regional Police Attaché have diplomatic status and implement cooperation as defined by our Minister of the Interior, in compliance with our foreign policy.
He also have a significant role in supporting French companies working in the field of domestic security to expand overseas.

Regional Police Attaché Office
To carry out his duties, the Regional Police Attaché’s team composed of:
-  A Deputy Regional Police Attaché;
-  A Liaison Officer based in Jakarta, Indonesia;
-  A Liaison Officer based in Canberra, Australia
-  A Regional Civil Defence Attaché based in Singapore & covering ASEAN

3/ Contact information

Regional Police Attaché Office,
French Embassy in Singapore
Write to the Regional Police Attaché Office here

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