The Ambassador [fr]


His Excellency Mr Marc ABENSOUR

Ambassador of France to Singapore

Born on 10th March 1966

Married to Veronica ABENSOUR-NILSSON, 2 children


“Agrégation” (i.e. Associate Professor) in Philosophy
Former student of the “École normale supérieure”
Exchange student at Harvard University (Department of East Asian Studies)


- National military service, 1990-1992;
- Studies at « École normale supérieure », 1992-1993;
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Asia and Oceania Directorate, 1994-1996;
- Second Secretary and then First Secretary at the French Embassy in Beijing, 1996-2000;
- First Secretary at the French Embassy in Washington, 2000-2002;
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Asia and Oceania Directorate, Director, Far East Directorate, 2003-2005;
- Auditor at the Diplomatic Institute, October-November 2004;
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director in charge of Industrial Affairs and Sensitive Exports, 2005-2008;
- Second Counsellor, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels, 2008-2012;
- Assigned to the General Secretariat of Defense and National Security as Director of International, Strategic and Technologic Affairs (Prime Minister Service), 2012-2014;
- Diplomatic Counsellor of the Minister of Defense, January – June 2014;
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Inspector June 2014 - 2016;
- Appointed Ambassador of France to Singapore, November 2016

Honorary Award

Knight of the National Order of Merit


English, Chinese

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