“Diplomatie Solidaire" association launches a solidarity-based diplomacy event [fr]

“Diplomatie Solidaire” association is launching a solidarity-based diplomacy event from 19 to 25 June. Generate, promote and federate actions in education and child health and to promote women rights are the objectives of this week.

We would like to take this opportunity to present you local initiatives such as “Passerelles Numériques” and the humanitarian association of the French High School in Singapore.

The humanitarian group of the French High School created in 1998 organize actions to raise money for its partner associations. Those relations with other associations are stable and a long term support.


Passerelles Numériques provides education, technical and professional training to the most underprivileged to have access to education in the digital field. The main objective is to truly develop their employability which will allow them and their families to escape poverty in a sustainable way, and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries. Since 2005, Passerelles Numériques has developed programms in Cambodia, in the Philippines and in Vietnam.

Dernière modification : 21/06/2017

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