Singapore Best Sommelier in French wine 2016 Competition

The Best Sommelier competition in French Wines 2016 was held at Raffles Hotel, on 14 September, with 4 finalists competing for the title in the presence of H.E. Mr Benjamin Dubertret, French Ambassador to Singapore. The Sopexa Trophy was first created in 1986, with the objective to help sommeliers and train them specifically in French Wines.

This year, the winner of the Singapore Best Sommelier Competition in French Wines is Yeo Xi Yang of Les Amis Restaurant. Coming in at second place was Vincent Tan of Odette Restaurant.

Both Xi Yang and Vincent will be representing Singapore at the Asian Best Sommelier Competition in French Wines Finals at Ho Chi Minh, the 6th - 8th December. There, they will be up against the top 2 finalists from more than 7 countries.


Dernière modification : 16/09/2016

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