Seminar on Information Manipulation [fr]

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, director of the Institute for Strategic Research – French Ministry Defence, was hosted on 9 April by the S. Rajaratnam School of international studies, part of the Nanyang Technological University, and the Centre of Excellence for National Security to present the results of his case study: “Information Manipulation: A Challenge for Democracies & the “Macron Leaks”.

His presentation took place after a few introduction remarks by Mr. Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France to Singapore and Dr. Jayakumar, Head, Centre of Excellence for National Security who moderated the Q&A session. In his introductory words, Ambassador Abensour highlighted the dynamic cooperation between France and Singapore’s Cybersecurity agencies as well as both countries’ commitment to deepening cooperation in digital innovation, internet governance and cybersecurity. Singapore is also the first country in ASEAN to support the Paris Call of 12 November 2018 for Trust and Security in Cyberspace.


During his intervention, Dr. Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer presented the conclusions of the study case produced by the Police Planning Staff and the Institute for Strategic Research partly under his leading.

This study case, following the information manipulations cases that occurred during 2016 US and 2017 French elections, highlight some common causes and characteristics of it such as vulnerability factor and methods. The report further explores the various responses to information manipulation and summarizes the countermeasures adopted by all private and public actors.

Download the full report.

Dernière modification : 15/04/2019

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