Internal security services represent the directorate of international cooperation (DCI) of the Home Affairs Ministry at the French Embassy in Singapore.


Internal Security Services represents the International Police Cooperation Unit (DCI) of the French Home Affairs Ministry at the French Embassy in Singapore. Under the authority of the Ambassador and led by a police commissioner, who is called the Attaché for Internal Security (ASI), this service represents the services of French Home Affairs Ministry in its various elements (national police force, national gendarmerie, civil security, highway patrol, foreigners in France, governance and local authorities).

Its jurisdiction covers Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines for internal security issues.

The regional SSI in Singapore somprises Police Commissioner Lucas PHILIPPE (ASI), Assistant Superintendant of Police Eric BARGONE (Deputy ASI), Colonel Bruno ULLIAC, international technical expert and regional counselor for civil security (covering the 10 ASEAN countries) and Assistant, Angeline NG.

A decentralised service of the International Police Cooperation Unit (DCI) of the Home Affairs Ministry

The International Police Cooperation Unit (DCI) was created on 1st September 2010. It gathers police officers and gendarmes who work, side by side and hand-in-hand, with the international police cooperation put in place by the State to better protect its citizens and interests.

What is the reason for this joint development?

The various threats, such as terrorism, drug trafficking or cybercrime, started beyond our borders. To counter them, cooperation between countries has tp be stepped up. In order to do this, the network of Internal Security Attachés (A.S.I.), comprising 250 police officers and gendarmes deployed in 92 Embassies in 156 countries, adds definite value.

Before the creation of the D.C.I., the French police officers overseas were managed by the S.C.T.I.P (Service of International technical police cooperation) and the military police by S/DCI (division of the international cooperation of the national gendarmerie).

What does it respond to?

The creation of the D.C.I. is written in the logic of the general review of public policy. In fact, it allows costs to be reduced and performances to be improved while uniting in a single structure the major players of international cooperation. It also allows all the results of unification of the national gendarmerie to be reaped.

What are its missions?

In general, to participate in the application of international strategy of the Minsitry and the execution of French foreign policy in terms of internal security, civil security, highway patrol, immigration and governance and local authorities as well as to lead and organise operational, technical and institutional cooperations, in its field of competency, with the exception of issues relevant exclusively to information services.

To ensure its purposes, D.C.I. relies on a main echelon (based in Nanterre) and decentralised services based overseas, the Internal security services (A.S.I.), the police officers and forces et gendarmes posted in the countries concerned.

The Attaché for Internal Security (ASI)

In Singapore, the Attaché for Internal Security is a police commissioner with diplomatic status. Together with his deputy and team, he puts in place, leads and organises global cooperation in terms of security as defined by the Home Affairs Ministry consistent with general orientations of French foreign policy.

The missions of the Attaché for Internal Security

He is simultaneously the ambassador’s advisor for all matters regarding internal security and special representative to the local police authorities. The ASI is, in his overseas post, the representative of the Home Affairs Ministry. He proposes and executes cooperation programmes, participates in aid missions for the resident French community and contributes, via his efforts, to the internal security of France.

International Technical Expert in Civil Protection

Colonel Bruno ULLIAC, officer of professional firefighters and International Technical Expert for civil protection, joined the Internal Security Service in Singapore on 16 August 2013. Under the hierarchical authority of the Attaché for Internal Security, his work is as follows :

▪ He provides technical assistance to the authorities of the ASEAN countries and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), and to the ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM), in the ares of civil protection and disaster management. The principal objective being to highlight French expertise on protection of individuals, property and the environment ;

▪ He organises cooperative actions with relevant local services. In tandem with the ASIs of relevant countries, he establishes a special link with all the services in charge of prevention and response to disasters, and especially the services of civil protection ;

▪ He devises and puts in place training efforts for local partners. In this respect, he promotes French expertise through training sessions, seminars or technical demonstrations. He participates and also supports the authorities of the ASEAN countries, during the organisation of disaster management exercises ;

▪ He provides, at the request of the posts, expertise in terms of civil protection and disaster management ;

▪ He supports the authorities of the SCDF as well as those of the ASEAN countries, and potentially the ACDM, during major catastrophic events ;

▪ He strengthens and takes part in the regional framework for the development of aid plans in terms of risk management and disaster response ;

▪ He promotes the flow and sharing of operational information with the heads of ECHO and OCHA offices ;

▪ He produces analyses and reviews for the posts and ministries councerned (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs) ;

▪ He looks for sponsors for the realisation of training efforts, or for projects aimed at developing and strengthening the operational capacities of the states within the zone ;

▪ He promotes the development of French cooperation in technical and operational areas, by providing French industrial expertise and knowledge.

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