Roundtable: Understanding the Islamic Marketing Environment

ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific is organising a roundtable on "Understanding the Islamic Marketing Environment", which will be held on Wednesday, 14 September 2016.



The current Islamic marketing environment poses a certain number of unique challenges because the Muslim world is extremely diverse in terms of economic development, customs and traditions and political and legal systems. It is therefore vital for companies and marketers to analyze the environment before attempting to address these markets. This roundtable aims to address the unique features of different sectors in the Muslim market, to bring you a better understanding of doing business with the Muslim world.

The roundtable is held in conjunction with the launch of Prof. Cédomir Nestorovic’s latest book, Islamic Marketing: Understanding the Socio-Economic, Cultural, and Politico-Legal Environment.


Date: 14 September 2016
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Registration starts at 7:00pm


ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific
5 Nepal Park
Singapore 139408

You can registere HERE.

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