Ramen Teh, a foodie-friendly Japanese-Singaporean-French movie [fr]

Ramen Teh is a Japanese-Singaporean-French movie directed by Singaporean Eric Khoo, showcasing both the delights of Singaporean and Japanese food through the journey of Masato, a young man traveling from Japan to Singapore to meet his lost relatives. In cinemas in Singapore on 29th March!


This movie is showing an emotional journey about family through the taste of different food. The title Ramen Teh is a fusion between the japanese famous ramen and the Singaporean soup Bak kut teh. It will be released in cinemas on 29th March!

For the Premier Gala of this Japanese-Singaporean-French co-production, French Ambassador Marc Abensour was invited as the guest of honor. the Premiere took place at Marina Bay Sands Theater on 22nd March in presence of the Director Eric Khoo and the movie cast: Takumi Saito, Seiko Matsuda, Jeannette Aw, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Tetsuya Bessho, Mark Lee, Beatrice Chien


Masato (Takumi Saito) helps his father Kazuo (Tsuyoshi Ihara) and uncle Akio (Tetsuya Bessho) run their family ramen shop in Takasaki, East Japan. He’s resentful of his father, who became workaholic and distant since his Singaporean wife Mei Lian (Beatrice Chien) passed away. When Kazuo dies from a sudden stroke, Masato decides to go to Singapore, where he was born and raised as a child.

Production: A Wild Orange Artists, Zhao Wei Films, Comme des Cinemas, Version Originale production. (International sales: Mk2 Films, Paris). Producers: Yutaka Tachibana, Tan Fong Cheng, Masa Sawada, Eric Le Bot, Huang Junxiang.

Dernière modification : 03/04/2018

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