Déclaration de la Délégation de l’Union Européenne à Singapour [en]

Déclaration de la délégation de l’Union Européenne à Singapour sur la condamnation à la peine de mort de M. Mr Prabagaran Srivijayan

Singapore, 13 July 2017

The European Union Delegation to Singapore issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission, and the Head of Mission of Norway :

The European Union (EU) calls on the Singapore authorities to halt the execution of Mr Prabagaran Srivijayan, to commute his sentence to a non-capital sentence and to adopt a moratorium on all executions.

The EU holds a principled position against the death penalty and is opposed to the use of capital punishment under any circumstances. No compelling evidence exists to show that the death penalty serves as a deterrent to crime. Furthermore, any errors - inevitable in any legal system - are irreversible. The EU will continue in its pursuit of the abolition of the death penalty worldwide.

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