Month of Photography Asia – Bertrand Meunier

Together with film editor Félix Fouchet, Bertrand Meunier has produced an impressive and inspired montage of his black and white pictures taken in the mid-2000s of parts of China that have suffered the negative impact of China’s economic boom years.

Perfectly paced, the video unveils Meunier’s pictures one by one, in a very carefully chosen order, making the pictures echo one another and reveal underlying themes and correlations which would otherwise remain unnoticed. The montage is accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack comprising compositions by Bjork, DJ Krush, Komann and Roni Size.

This photo video montage was made possible with the support of the Nicéphore Niépce Museum in France.

Part of Encore ! The European Season in Singapore :

Erased - video, 9’35’’, 2008
Date : 18 June to 19 July
Time : Monday to Friday, 11am to 7pm ; Saturday, 11 am to 5pm
Venue : SG Private Banking Gallery, Alliance Francaise de Singapour

Dernière modification : 03/06/2009

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