Meeting with Lilyane BEAUQUEL, author of « Roman et Grande Guerre, l’aventure de soi dans un destin collectif » published by Gallimard.

On wednesday 4 June, the Institut Français was pleased to welcome at the French Embassy Lilyane BEAUQUEL for a literary meeting as part of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Great War (14/18).

A university graduate in French modern literature, Lilyane BEAUQUEL has written two novels in the Gallimard’s ‘white’ collection. Her stay in Singapore has given her the opportunity to exchange views about the ‘self adventure in a collective future’, which has been a recurrent theme in her work.

Her first novel, “Avant le Silence des Forêts », published by Gallimard in August 2011, tells the story of the Great War in Lorraine seen through the Bavarian perspective: this friendship song and a desire to reach a certain happiness is about four young German soldiers, both gentle and fragile, considering their future with nostalgia, who are aware that they will never have the life they had dreamt of.

This novel which is inspired by the history of the cemetery of Thiaucourt in Lorraine, was rewarded with two literacy prizes, including the ‘Prix du Premier Roman des Hebdos de Region’ and the ‘Prix Lafayette Premier Roman’.

In her novel, Lilyane BEAUQUEL takes a sensitive approach of this story with the larger history of the Great War as a backdrop, her main focus in the book being how to remain oneself in a time of war.

Her second novel, “En remontant vers le Nord” published in January 2014 is about the necessity to ‘forget the past to build one’s future’, on the paths of Norway at the turn of the 20th century.

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