L’Institut Français

It leads and develops the cooperative ties between France and Singapore in the domains of science, technology, culture and education. It is in charge of the promotion of the French language and education, as well as French creative industries and research.

It serves as a tool of influence, as well as a point of expertise and advice. At the core of currents issues, The Institut Français Singapour intends to make innovation a vector of French expertise and attractiveness.

The natural links with the French network based in Southeast Asia promote the initiatives and enable a better sharing of projects. To fulfil these missions, the Institut Français Singapour enjoys a certain financial autonomy which allows it to put together innovative programmes (FIVE! for companies) or to organise and produce ambitious events ("RendezVous with French Cinema" and the return of " Voilah!, French Festival Singapore").


The mission of the Institut Français Singapour is to promote the culture and the French cultural engineering in Singapore, and to promote the cooperation between organisations and artists from the two countries. It also observes the creative scene in the city-state and follows as far as poosible its cultural policies, according to the intergovernmental agreement signed in 2009, which made France the "cultural reference" of Singapore.

Practically, its missions are :

-  Linguistique : promotion of French and educational engineering

-  Visual Arts, Design, Architecture and new technologies

-  Live performances

-  Literature and discussions of ideas

-  Audiovisual and cinema

Its jurisdiction encompasses 6 Southeast Asian countries : Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Timor Leste.

Its actions include :

- the promotion of French content (films, fictions, documentaries, animation, video games, internet platform, current music…)

- the support of French audiovisual operators (France24, TV5, RFI, Unifrance, TVFI, Ina, CFI, ...)

- the development of French expertise in audiovisual and data.

Growing visibility of French culture and development of collaborations

Since the beginning of the 90s, Singapore has implemented a voluntary cultural policy to become a major cultural capital, with regional influence, where France holds an important place. The role of the cultural service is thus rapidly evolving to support the Singaporean partners in this respect.

The Institut Français Singapour thus adds value to the French cultural engineering and develops projects with the institutions, operators and artists (residences, expert missions, scholarships). It also regularly invites Singaporean professionals to France within the framework of exchange and thematic programmes (FOCUS, Fabrique des cinémas du monde,…).

The number of French cultural events in Singapore has increased from 40 in 2009 to close to 80 in 2014 (an increase of 100%). Among these, the Institut Français Singapour initiate and support around 40 of them each year, in partnershio with Singaporean entities : institutions, producers, companies and performance venues, museums, galleries, festivals, schools (of languages and arts), film distributors,…

It moreover facilitates contact between Singaporean and French partners to organise events in France, such as the « Festival de Singapour en France » which will take place during the Jubilee of Singapore, between end March to end June 2015, in 4 major cities : Paris, Lyon, Lille and Nantes.

Scientific cooperation between France and Singapore

The mission of the scientific and educational section, within the domain of science and technology, is to :

-  Support and facilitate the development of projects, research programmes and joint laboratories

-  Contribute to strengthen the place of French sciences and technologies in Singapore

-  Diffuse information in France on Singaporean scientific and technological news and perform monitoring

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Educational cooperation between France and Singapore

Its mission consists of :

-  Promoting French programmes on higher education

-  Aid French establishments to develop academic ties and student exchange programmes

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