King Sloth in Singapore


At a crossroads between a play and a rock’n’roll concert, Régis Maynard’s play King Sloth is a hybrid show, one that is wild - that sings, dances, clowns about, laughs and moves. Just like an electro-rock opera in pajamas, with a musician, an actor and a green plant.

Charles Simple is a modern man, a lone wolf on the brink of depression, breakdown and possibly worse… So Charles quits his job, quits the world, and locks himself in his home he calls kingdom. His action results in a musical poem, the inventory of one man’s life.

An inventory of the noughties, seen through the eyes of a child of the eighties, King Sloth exists for ‘having little to say doesn’t mean one should remain completely silent.’ Played by Régis Maynard and Harry Richmond-Brown.

In French with English sub titles.

Dates: 18 - 19 April 2012

Venue: The Arts House

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