Joint Ministerial Statement by the French Republic and the Republic of Singapore on the France-Singapore Digital and Green Partnership [fr]

France and Singapore are pleased to announce that we have signed the France-Singapore Digital and Green Partnership (DGP) on 14 March 2022. The DGP advances our bilateral cooperation in the fast-growing digital and green economies, and is the latest in a series of initiatives to continuously update and strengthen our robust economic partnership for the future. It also reflects our longstanding and shared desire to forge stronger links and bring our two economies closer together, underpinned by the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership signed in October 2012, the Joint Declaration on Innovation signed in March 2017, the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA) that entered into force in November 2019, and the Joint Ministerial Statement to maintain open and connected supply chains for essential food supplies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that was issued in June 2020.

Both France and Singapore have always placed innovation at the heart of our national strategies for growth and prosperity. We recognise the growing role of digital technologies to empower individuals, transform industries, and enhance the competitiveness of our economies. At the same time, we recognise the importance of green technologies in enabling sustainable growth for our societies, businesses and workers. Our two countries are well-placed to take our partnership forward in the digital and green economies. France is a leader at the European and global level in the fight against climate change and in the field of digital innovation. These two areas are the core of the French national recovery strategy, France Relance: a €100bn recovery plan to support green recovery and job creation, and sustain the growth potential of the French economy. Singapore has spearheaded innovative Digital Economy Agreements to unlock opportunities in the digital economy. On the climate front, Singapore is also taking bold steps to tackle the climate crisis by raising its ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by or around mid-century and raising its carbon tax.

The DGP provides a structured platform for France and Singapore to address our twin priorities of digital and green growth. It will address a wide range of issues including personal information protection, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, carbon trading and services, and low-carbon energy solutions. Under the DGP, both countries are committed to identify synergies between our digital and green innovation ecosystems, so as to take our economic relationship to an even higher level. We will boost our companies and industries’ competitiveness and invest in technologies to maintain France and Singapore among the most competitive and innovative countries. At the strategic level, we also want our efforts under the DGP to contribute to and complement multilateral, regional and bilateral discussions, including as a pathfinder for region-to-region cooperation between Europe and Southeast Asia.

We call on our world-leading industries, start-ups, academic communities and private sectors to join us on this journey. The DGP will support the establishment of public-private partnerships and promote private sector-led approaches to drive cooperative projects of mutual interest. We will be developing a detailed workplan comprising digital and green projects with clear and tangible outcomes across various sectors such as smart transport, smart city, financial innovation, agrifood-technologies, medtech, and edutech. Collaborations between France and Singapore companies to jointly develop ready-to-market solutions for products and technology-based services can benefit from funding support under the France-Singapore Joint Innovation Call by Enterprise Singapore and Bpifrance. In addition, Singapore has established a Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Acceleration programme in Paris to support Singapore-based start-ups and SMEs to Paris, while France has established La French Tech Singapore, a hub for French tech entrepreneurs in Singapore.

The DGP will also be supported by an existing strong core of innovation partnerships across the research-business-start-up continuum. The France-Singapore Joint Declaration of Innovation signed in March 2017, and the subsequent France-Singapore Year of Innovation in 2018 has significantly enriched and deepened links between our innovation ecosystems. Today, there is an active French community of over 2,500 businesses and 300 start-ups in Singapore. There are also over 200 French researchers in Singapore academic and research centers brought together by the French Lab Singapore network. These links between our industry and scientific communities are supported by a strong foundation of existing G2G initiatives, including the France-Singapore Roadmap for Deepening Cooperation in Digital Innovation, Internet Governance and Cybersecurity adopted in 2018, the France-Singapore Joint Committee on Science and Innovation (JCSI/COSIMIX) established in 2019, and the France-Singapore Roadmap for Deepening Cooperation in Artificial Intelligence endorsed in 2020.

It is important that we keep up the momentum of our partnership in concrete ways, staying dynamic and nimble to seize new growth opportunities in the fast-evolving digital and green economies. We look forward to developing the details of this workplan in collaboration with businesses and other stakeholders. Together, we hope to create opportunities to enable French and Singaporean enterprises, especially our small and medium-sized enterprises, to access a greater range of opportunities in our combined markets.

Minister-in-charge of Trade Relations, Singapore, S Iswaran

Minister delegate for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, France, Franck Riester

Dernière modification : 16/03/2022

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