« Jeanne d’Arc » Task Force calling in Singapore [fr]

Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Mistral and Lafayette type frigate Courbet are part of “Jeanne d’Arc“ Task force, a long-term deployment of an amphibious battle group. The “Jeanne d’Arc” mission revolve around five key purposes: the deployment of the French navy in strategic areas of the world, international cooperation programs, naval support to diplomacy, the support of the defense industry exports and the operational training of the navy cadet. During five months, task force “Jeanne d’Arc” 2017 is a perfect example of the diversity and of the high demands of the missions that the French Navy is able to conduct within a joint services and joint allied environment. This operational deployment is a practical training course in real-life conditions for 137 French and foreign midshipmen graduating from the French Naval Academy, as well as student-officers from the supply, medical and civilian maritime affairs branches.

A detachment of about 60 Royal Navy personnel with two Merlin Mk3 helicopters is on-board for the entire extent of the mission.
In addition to the Jeanne d’Arc mission, this cooperation will again reach another high point this year, when France and the United Kingdom assume command of "Combined Task Force 150", a multinational coalition for combating terrorism in the Indian Ocean in the summer of 2017.

French Ambassador Marc Abensour and Captain Stanislas de Chargères presented the “Jeanne d’Arc” mission and talked about the French presence in the Asia-Pacific region during a press conference organized aboard LHD Mistral. With 1.6 million french inhabitants in the Asia-Pacific Region, France also has a strong military force with 8000 soldiers, vessels and aircraft.

Dernière modification : 12/06/2017

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