Indopacific strategy of France and EU


France, and since September 16, the European Union, have disclosed their indopacific strategy. France is an indopacific nation where it has overseas territories and where nearly two million of its citizens reside. France, and all of its European partners share the analysis that the indopacific space is characterized by challenges that concern the whole European Union, as well as leading opportunities related to the fast development of this region. France and the EU will pursue their joint commitment to the Indopacific space in the long term.

To read the french strategy in indopacific region :

PDF - 4.9 Mb
(PDF - 4.9 Mb)

To read the European Union strategy in indopacific region :

PDF - 375.1 kb
(PDF - 375.1 kb)

To read the joint communication to the european parliament and the council :

PDF - 928.7 kb
(PDF - 928.7 kb)

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