French artists Alexandre Dang and Emilie Fouilloux at Art Garden 2012


Two French artists, Alexandre Dang and Emilie Fouilloux, will have their installations showcased during the Art Garden: Children’s Season from 14 May to 18 July.

This inaugural Children’s Season is hosted by the Singapore Art Museum. Young people will be introduced to contemporary art in an interactive, supportive and fun family environment. The entire SAM at 8 Queen Street building will be transformed into magical art gardens showcasing artist projects and artworks inspired by nature. Selected for their imagination and interactivity, these displays will be accompanied with captions to engage young visitors with the art works. Activity sheets inspired by the art works will enhance the children’s learning experience. Young visitors can also participate in a series of artists’ workshops and enjoy short film screenings.

Date: 14th May to 18 July 2012

Venue: Singapore Art Museum

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