French Contemporary artworks exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore [fr]


This first exhibition in Asia presents a selection of artworks chosen among the 26 000 works belonging to the FRAC collections (Regional collections of contemporary art in France).

The FRAC are public collections of contemporary art created in 1982 as part of the policy of devolution of power set by the government via regional councils in order for art to be present in each and every one of France’s region.

Today, the Fracs’ collections gather more than 26,000 works from 4,200 French and foreign artists. Their first mission is to gather a collection, to display it for all kinds of audiences and to invent new ways to educate to contemporary creation. They are displayed in France and abroad. Every year, one third of the works is exhibited which makes the Fracs’ collections the more disseminated collections of France.

The artworks of 32 French and international artists navigate a transient journey through both the philosophical and the physical by means of unconventional approaches in art-making. Together, the artworks encourage the audience to interact with and explore the intangible, the emotional and the volatile relationship between the abstract, the organic and the structured.

This exhibition is a parallele project of the Singapore Biennale 2016 and will be touring in Asia (Bankgok and Seoul) in 2017. It is also supported by the Institut Français and the embassy of France in Singapore.

Dates: 7 October 2016 – 19 February 2017 (opening on the 6 October).
Venue: National Museum of Singapore
More info on FRAC here.
More info on the exhibition here


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