First edition of « Allez-Lah: Navigating the French Human Resources Ecosystem” [fr]

Business France, together with Alliance Française and Asia, organised the first edition of « Allez-Lah: Navigating the French Human Resources Ecosystem”, a French-Singaporean HR initiative.

During the seminar, Business France highlighted the VIE programme, an international HR solution under the French voluntary overseas civil service, to 35 Singaporean HR and General Managers of French companies. Today, there are 265 VIEs in Singapore, working for 142 French companies. There are close to 10 000 VIEs worldwide! The programme’s goal is to internationalize the French and European youth, gaining strong international experience abroad for a duration of 2 years maximum.

Alliance Française introduced its French learning programme in a corporate environment, highlighting the many reasons why it is beneficial to singaporeans and non French speaking employees to learn French, with close to 800 French companies in Singapore. While Asia Focused on global mobility, introducing its new solutions to help companies to hire talents.



Dernière modification : 10/11/2017

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