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In the presence of Minister of Education Ong Ye Kung, European ambassadors kicked off the ‘European Union (EU) Comes to Your School’ project (EU@School) on Monday 13th May. For this inaugural year event launch, they engaged in a panel discussion with students from participating schools, on the importance of foreign language proficiency in a globalized world.

Mr. Marc Absensour, Ambassador of France to Singapore, at the Hwa Chong Institution, on 21st May, and Ms. Ariane Trichon, Deputy Head of Mission, at the Crescent Girls’ School, on 22th May, will encounter and discuss with students as part of this UE-SG project. The idea is to converse with the younger generation about the UE and UE-Singapore’s relations in the really meaningful context of upcoming European elections.

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Minister for Education, European Union Ambassador, European ambassadors

Already existing in Japan and Korea where it encounters a great success, European embassies in Singapore decide this year to join this initiative. By meeting and discussing with around 10 000 students from over 20 Singaporean schools, this project aims is at providing a better understanding of what the EU is and maintains in the long term the excellent ties between Europe and Singapore by engaging the younger generation. High members of several UE Embassies like ambassadors or counsellors will visit schools in Singapore to converse with students about subjects related to UE’s purposes and UE-Singapore’s relationships.

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Minister for Education

“Peace, prosperity, freedom and security are the EU’s key pillars, but what does it mean practically? There are no visa required to travel around Europe and every European citizen can settle a firm or a branch in any of the member countries. Since the 90’s 4.4 millions of students went to study freely in another EU country (the well-known Erasmus Program!). Thanks to the single EU internal market, citizens can live, shop, work and retire in any EU country, enjoy products from all over Europe, trade and do business freely. But we could underline so many more examples of concrete measures that have improved the Europeans’ everyday life in all sectors – transport, employment, environment, food safety, health, research and innovation…” As ambassador of France, Marc Abensour reminds that “Deepening the ties between EU and ASEAN is a major priority. By signing three major pacts (FTA, PCA, IPA) EU and Singapore are getting even closer. The exchanges with the pupils of the schools taking part to the UE@school aims at providing a better understanding of what the EU is all about.”

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