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Day of Defence and Citizenship (Day of Defence Instruction or JDC

 Day of Defence and Citizenship (Day of Defence Instruction or JDC)

The census report and the JDC are compulsory for French citizens, aged 16 to 25 years old, residing overseas.

Overseas census is organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The French who are settled overseas with their family, regardless of their place of birth, are subject to the same responsibilities as those living on French territory. They are required to proceed to the nearest French Consulate.

French citizens, less than 25 years old, residing overseas, will participate in the JDC organised by the Head of the diplomatic mission or authorized Consulate, which will first carry out their census report.

The overseas JDC sessions are arranged in the first quarter of each year. For participants, it will be a unique chance to discover the professional opportunities offered by the Ministry of Defence. During the Day, they will discover 500 defence jobs, be it as an internship, voluntary work or long term contracts.

 Recruitment

With more than 22 000 recruitments in 2011, the Defence Ministry is the largest state employer for youths aged between 18 to 25 years old. Since the professionalisation of the armed forces, recruitment faces a constant competition in the job market. The armed forces attract by their values, promptly entrusted responsabilities, the prospect of promotion which ensures the continuity of training and professional stability.

Various ways of participation in defence were proposed to the youths from 18 years old who have gone through the JDC. These possibilities, of various timeframes, enable them to have an initial concrete experience of the military field and its specialisations :

- military initiation period or improvement of national defence. Lasting from one to four weeks, they enable youths from 18 to 30 years old to learn about the nature of military work as well as to acquire a specialty and eventually to continue this experience through an enlistment in the reserve forces.

- civilian or military voluntary service. Lasting one year (renewable 5 times), the voluntary service allows youths from 18 to 26 years old to acquire an initial professional experience in several hundreds of specialties in the trade. Numerous training sessions are also conducted.

- enlistment contracts. According to their preferences, expressed at the end of the day on a contact form, the youths can be contacted by recruitment companies of the various armed forces, which can then provide them with more information on the options of enlistment (Air Force, Army, Marine and Police).

- civilian careers. The defence sector also recruits civilian staff, civil servants, sub-contractors and workers. Professional opportunities are available in all sectors of the Ministry and in a wide variety such as administrative, health, social or technical.

- recruitment by examination in officer schools of the three armed forces.


 French military personnel in Singapore (outside of the Defence Mission)

- A French exchange and liaison officer posted in Singapore

A Marine is currently appointed at the Information Fusion Centre ([]) at the Changi Naval Base.

- Reserve forces

Made up exclusively of volunteers, men and women, the reserve military places an important role within the armed forces and the police force. The reservists are present in areas of operation locally and overseas, from 5 to 30 days per year.

The reserve forces are divided into two categories :

- The operationally-ready reserves aim to strengthen the military capacities of the armed forces. Comprised of women and men from a civilian background (and formerly military) or from a contingent which undertook to serve in the reserve forces. They are given the same missions as the active armed forces, with equal competences, in local and overseas operations for a renewable period of 1 to 5 years.

- The citizens’ reserve forces aim to support the defence spirit and to strengthen the army-state ties. Comprised of registered volunteers near to military authorities for their skills, experience or their interest in national defence issues. The deployment of citizen reservists is carried out most often alongside general officers commanding one of the seven defence zones or the heads of forces and base commanders, for a period of three years, and on a project developed jointly between each citizen reservist and the military institution. This project is generally brought about by a mandate.

The network of reservists present in Singapore is maintained by the Defence Mission.

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