Cutting red tape

Multi-year residence permits facilitate international transfers, such as :

● The “Skills and Expertise” residence permit (carte “compétences et talents”): For foreign nationals appointed as executives of subsidiaries in France.

● The “Expatriate Employee”
residence permit (carte de séjour “salarié en mission”): Specifically designed for intra-group job transfers (contract under French law or assignment).

● The European Union Blue Card:
Reserved for highly qualified employees (who have completed at least three years’ higher education or have five years’ professional experience and whose gross pay is at least €4,300 a month). Anyone holding an EU Blue Card issued by a European Union Member State may apply for a similar permit from another member State after 18 months.

France’s “National Pact for Growth, Competitiveness and Employment”, unveiled in November 2012, announced the introduction of “Talent Passports” to make it easier to welcome exceptional foreign talent into the country, as well as measures to bring visa issuing procedures into line with best practices in Europe.

Dernière modification : 11/09/2014

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