Call For Applications : Week of International Scientific Young Talents [fr]

How about going to France for a week full of activities, meetings and exchanges with stakeholders of the scientific community in Paris and in the two Universcience museums?


The Embassy of France in Singapore is launching a call for applications for the “Week of International Scientific Young Talents” organised in Paris from January 29 to February 3, 2017.

The Week of International Scientific Young Talents is a mobility program proposed by Universcience Paris, French public institution with two venues in Paris, the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie and the Palais de la découverte, in the framework of its anniversary season, under the patronage of Mr. François Hollande, President of the French Repubic. Indeed, the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie is 30 years old in 2016, and the Palais de la découverte will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2017. This program will be in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development in France.

The program is open to young people in the scientific field from all around the world, who must have adult legal age in their country, and must be under 28 years old. They also must have a scientific vocation, and wish to exchange their experience with other people sharing the same interest.

If you want to be part of this adventure, please contact Campus France before November 20th 2016 at :

Download the application form here (pdf, 704,8 Ko).


Science with passion

Universcience, comprising the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie and the Palais de la découvere in Paris, is the first French public institution for the communication of scientific and technical culture. It is a public industrial and commercial institution, with an operating autonomy from its two supervision ministries (Ministry of Culture and Communication, Ministry of Higher Education and Research). Its 3 million visitors per year have made Universcience the 5th most visited cultural site in France and one of top science centers in the world. Its interactive and fun approach is aimed at tackling science and technology through discovery and examination of the major challenges facing our world via temporary and permanent exhibitions, space dedicated to children, science facilitation, resource facilities, experimentation with innovative digital tools and cultural engineering. Universcience shares its know-how throughout the world with a view to spreading scientific and technical culture. It puts its expertise in various fields at its partners’ disposal: museology and touring exhibitions, notably for the young public, cultural engineering and counseling in the technology of planetariums, science facilitation, audience research, accessibility.

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