Business France releases Doing Business 2017 [fr]

“Doing Business” is an annual guide published by Business France that is designed to provide key information to investors on a full range of regulatory, tax and employment law matters that may arise when setting up and running a foreign subsidiary in France.

Written by Business France experts in association with specialists from leading law firms, auditors, accountants and human resources consultants, it provides clear, authoritative and detailed advice in line with the needs of entrepreneurs.

The “Doing Business” guide is split into three booklets, providing information on:

  • Establishing a business: setting up business in France successfully; French employment law; and business taxes in France.
  • A guide for incoming talent: employees, company directors or investors coming to France with their families; social security; and personal taxation.
  • Government support and finance: grants, loans and other tax relief to support investment and job creation.

Download the booklets here:

- Doing Business in France 2017 – Establishing a business (Booklet 1)

- Doing Business in France 2017 – A guide for incoming talent (Booklet 2)

- Doing Business in France 2017 – Government support and finance (Booklet 3)

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