Avant-Première Agathe Cléry, 21 January at the Alliance Française

Elle est blanche. Elle est raciste. Elle va devenir noire.
She is white. She is a racist. She will turn black.

This year, the Alliance Française de Singapour presents a New Year Film Screening on Thursday 21 January 2010, preceded by a wine and cheese cocktail. The film selected for this avant-première screening is Agathe Cléry, which will be released in Singapore in April. Agathe Cléry is co-presented by Cathay Keris Films and The Picturehouse

Agathe Cléry is a hit comedy, and much more. It addresses, lightheartedly, a taboo topic – racism. Directed by Étienne Chatiliez and co-written by Chatiliez and Laurent Chouchan, Agathe Cléry is a caustic satire about a woman getting a taste of her own medicine.
Forty-ish Agathe Cléry (Valérie Lemercier) is the average 21st century working girl. Successful marketing manager of a cosmetics firm specialised in "fair skins", she is disliked by her colleagues because of her attitude : too strict, too arrogant and racist. One day, after a check-up, she is diagnosed with Addison’s disease - the main symptom is hyper pigmentation of the skin. She is turning black.

At first, she cannot cope with the truth, but when she wakes up one morning as black as the people she intensively hated, she has to accept it. The change brings terrible repercussions in her social life : humiliated and forsaken by her former friends, Agathe begins a long period during which she submits to ample betrayals and looses all which she hold dear. However, all these humiliations metamorphose little by little the “snob, strict racist” that she was. Agathe will change her ways of thinking, and embrace a brand new life.

Join us for the New Year Film Screening at the AF Theatre.

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New Year Film Screening

Friday 21 January 2010

Agathe Cléry (M18 – Sexual scene)In French with English

subtitlesDirector : Étienne ChatiliezFrance, 2008, 113mins

Cast : Valérie Lemercier, Anthony Kavanagh, Dominique Lavanant, Isabelle Nanty, Jacques Bodet

7.30pm – 7.55pm : Free Wine and Cheese Cocktail

8.00pm : Film ScreeningAF Theatre

$9.00 (AF Members) $10.00 (General Public)

Tickets on sale at all SISTIC outlets. Price excludes SISTIC fees.

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