Atout France - French Tourism Development Agency [fr]


Atout France is the sole state tourism operator, responsible under the 22 July 2009 ruling for the development and modernisation of touristic services, to assure the development of this sector and its group of actors.

Atout France, the agency for French touristic development is an Economic Interest Group based in Paris.

- It is a global network spread over 33 countries, with 400 employees in France and overseas.

- It groups together more than 1000 French members, private and public, representative of French tourism.

Atout France reunites, in a partnership approach, the actors associated with the tourism industry with a common objective - to increase tourist revenue and put in place all necessary means to fulfill three objectives given to it :

- To promote and develop the French brand overseas

- To adapt the French offering to national and international tourist needs

- To accompany each of our partners, private as well as public, to increase their economic competitiveness

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