« Art » by French playwright Yasmina REZA presented by Singapore Repertory Theatre [fr]


Art’ is a French-language play by Yasmina REZA which premiered in October 1994 in Paris. The English adaptation, translated by Christopher Hampton, opened in London on October 1996 and has run for eight years. The play is about the friendship of three men which is turned upside down when one of them buys an expensive piece of modern art – a white canvas crossed by barely visible lines. Serge buys the paining but Marc hates it and Yvan is caught in the middle between his two friends. This contemporary comedy about friendship, creativity and the complexities of human relationships has become one of the most successful plays ever written.

Singapore Repertory Theatre, who first staged this production in 1998, is bringing this play again for a unique theatrical experience, this time starring Gerald Chew (Everything but the Brain), Lim Yu-Beng (Animal Farm) and Remesh Panicker (The Merchant of Venice) at the National Gallery Singapore in the iconic City Hall Chamber – an experience not to be missed!

Dates: from 1st to 30 September 2016
Venue: National Gallery Singapore
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