Application fees & forms

The application fee for all Short Stay Visas (less than 90 days), including; Transit Visas, Airport Transit Visas and Circulation Visas, is fixed at 60 euros(€).

This fee will vary in SGD ($) according to the current rates of exchange (susceptible to change on the 1st and 16th day of each month) and is payable in Singapore dollars, cash visa or mastercard.

Attention: please note that no refund will be issued when your visa application is rejected.

The visa fee may change as a result of currency fluctuation. The rate that applies is the one in effect the day the visa application is submitted. Adjustments should be taken into account.

Visa fees may be paid in cash, in person only.

Visa types
Airport Transit Visa 60,00
Transit visa 1-5 days 60,000
Short Stay Schengen Visa* / French Overseas Department Visa 1-90 days ’Circulation’ 1-5 years 60,00
French Overseas Collectivity Visa 1 to 90 days 9,00
All Long Stay Visas* travel period exceeding 90 days 99,00

*Monaco included.

Application Forms :

Application Form (English)
Application Form (French)

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