Andrée Weschler and Margaret Yung Zhang present "Change" at The Substation


" Change " is part of a series of exhibitions about life. Everything is changing around us; the cities we live in, the weather, people near us. This is nothing new. Homo sapiens, our ancestors, learnt to adapt to drastic changes in the environment, and that ability is believed to have been critical to their survival on earth. The pace of change has continued to increase exponentially, which leaves us to question whether we are able to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges that lie ahead, and whether we will be able to adapt to new realities.

In its first instalment, Change China-Singapore 2011, features three artists from China and five artists from Singapore to respond to the subject. On show are a variety of works, ranging from painting to sculpture, photography, performance and video. There will also be live performances by Jin Feng and Shu Yong at the opening reception.

The project is curated by Andree Weschler & Margaret Yung Zhang

Invited artists from China: Jin Feng, Shu Yong, Zhang Kexin

Invited artists from Singapore: Michael Lee, Razak Zack, Ryf Zaini, Sabrina Koh, Andrée Weschler

Dates: Friday 21 October to Sunday 30 October 2011, 12pm -9pm (Please note that the gallery will be closed on 26 October 2011 for Deepavali)

Venue: The Substation Gallery

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