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On the occasion of the State Visit by then-French President François Hollande to Singapore in March 2017, Singapore and France agreed to designate 2018 as the Year of Innovation (YOI) in a Joint Declaration on Innovation. Recognising that innovation drives the transformation of our economies and societies, and that both countries have much to learn from each other’s experience, Singapore and France agreed to intensify cooperation in innovation.

YOI 2018 aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Deepen collaboration between the French and Singaporean innovation ecosystems by enlarging the pool of stakeholders;
  2. Foster events and activities held in France and Singapore that could mutually reinforce efforts to attain innovation goals, while focusing on priority sectors where there are substantial opportunities for synergy and partnerships;
  3. Lay the groundwork for greater bilateral cooperation in innovation beyond the Year of Innovation.

France and Singapore have identified priority sectors in which to showcase innovation, highlight bilateral initiatives and collaboration. The priority sectors include:

  1. Smart and Sustainable Cities;
  2. Fintech;
  3. Health, Aging and Biotechnologies;
  4. Aerospace and Advanced manufacturing;
  5. Start-ups and Emerging Technologies;
  6. Education and Lifelong Learning.

In line with the objectives, a range of events under the sectors have been identified as platforms to promote thought leadership, research and initiatives, as well as partnerships and the exchange of ideas to address the challenges and opportunities facing our world today. These events will be hosted in France and Singapore throughout 2018.

Fore more information on the schedule of YOI key events, click here.

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