AI Singapore - France AI Workshop paves the way for collaboration [fr]

Jointly organised by AI Singapore and the Embassy of France in the frame of the France-Singapore Year of Innovation, the workshop took place on 18th June and gathered representatives of research institutes and companies from France and Singapore, paving the way for collaboration.

Experts from France and Singapore made a presentation of their projects and shared their views on Artificial Intelligence (AI) during the workshop. Top research institutes such as CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), INRIA (French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation), INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), NUS (National University of Singapore), NTU (Nanyang Technological University), A*Star (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) were represented.

The workshop was opened by the Ambassador of France to Singapore, Mr. Marc Abensour and AI Singapore Executive Chairman Prof. Ho Teck Hua. Cédric Villani, a French mathematician, Fields medal winner and Member of Parliament, attended the event and delivered the keynote address. Mr Villani recently published a report titled "For a Meaningful Artificial Intelligence - Towars a French and European Strategy". France’s national strategy in the field of AI, presented by French President Emmanuel Macron in March 2018, is largely based on recommendations from this report. The French government plans to invest €1.5 billion over five years to support research and innovation in the field.

This workshop was a great opportunity for research and academic communities from both countries to identify potential alliances and partnerships to catalyse joint AI research pursuits.

Prof. Ho Teck Hua, Président de AI Singapore, inaugure le workshop
L'ambassadeur Marc Abensour prononce le discours d'ouverture
Discours liminaire prononcé par Cédric Villani, mathématicien français et membre du Parlement

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