A Singaporean in Cannes

Marjorie Teo, film student at Ngee Ann, has been invited by the French Embassy and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attend the Rencontres Internationale des Jeunes / Youth International Meeting, that was being held during the Cannes Film Festival 2010. She shares with us her best memories there :


"It was certainly the best occasion to meet with an international group of filmmakers, who were older and more experienced than me. Each of them so diverse in their choice areas of filmmaking that as an aspiring filmmaker myself, it was impossible not to feel motivated.

I got the chance to meet with the Zimbalist brothers after the screening of their documentary film "The Two Escobars". A small group of people including myself, stayed behind and we listened to them talk about their experiences in South America, and what they went through to make their amazing documentary, which I enjoyed and found very inspiring. I learnt that making a good documentary is really a feat, and someday I hope to be involved in one.

I can only say that my passion for filmmaking has grown even more after this experience. I simply cannot wait to make my next film ! And I’m extremely grateful to the French Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ngee Ann for selecting me !"

Dernière modification : 17/06/2010

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