’A Journey to France’ : A Book About French’s Finest Produce and Products [fr]

A book about French produce and products ’A Journey to France’ was released on 17 October. The book is prepared by the Disciples Escoffier International Singapore with support from the French Embassy. It provides a great insight into the world of French produce and the different terroirs and how it affects the quality.

French gastronomy and produce are points of national pride in France and the produces and products are unique to the different French territoires.

The creation of the book had a focus of allowing individuals to think creatively and to encourage learning across countries. ’A Journey to France’ shares the history of French culinary and food produce from the various local and overseas chefs, food scientists, producers and professors.

In July 2019, Singapore officially recognised 36 French geographical indications. These official geographics indications highlight the quality of the various French products. Some already well known products are Champagne, Cognac and Camembert, ’A Journey to France’ aims to educate readers to more than just the well known few.


The electronic version of the book is available here at the disposal of those who are keen on learning more about France’s produces.

PDF - 32.8 Mb
Journey to France (PDF Version)
(PDF - 32.8 Mb)

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