4th Humanitarian Associations Day [fr]

A dozen associations supported by the French community were represented at the Residence de France on May 31, 2018 for the 4th Humanitarian Associations Day, an action in the frame of the "Diplomatie Solidaire Day" of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

This day was a moment of exchange and conviviality around the associations to discover their actions and their projects. Visitors could interact with the associations that each had their own stand.

The 4th Humaniratian Associations Day was an opportunity for each association to talk about their projects, to raise awareness and to recruit new volunteers. Over a hundred people came to the Residence of France for this event.

The associations
AFS - Bénévolat Hopital (Singapore) Help for French people hospitalized in Singaporehttps://afsingapour.com/
The association helps children living in the streets and slums in Manila https://www.anak-tnk.org/
Blue Dragon (Vietnam) Humanitarian Association located in Vietnam that helps the most disadvantaged children and victims of trafficking https://www.bluedragon.org/
Couleurs de Chine Schooling of girls from Mia, Dong and Yao minorities in China https://www.couleursdechine.org/
Delepine Fondation - Les oursins
Association leading humanitarian projects (ludotherapy, education, nutrition, hygiene, medical aid) for the benefit of disadvantaged children in the Philippines http://les-oursins-delepine.com/
Enfants du Mékong Since 1958, Enfants du Mékong has helped children in Southeast Asia.
Nearly 22,000 sponsored children and 60,000 children supported can access education. Children of the Mekong supports the construction of a hundred development projects per year (schools, wells ...) and manages 10 centers and 78 homes.
Founded in 2004, HOME (Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics) is dedicated to supporting and empowering migrant workers who suffer abuse and exploitation. https://www.home.org.sg/
Krousar Thmey
First Cambodian foundation for disadvantaged children www.krousar-thmey.org/
L’école du Bayon
Provide access to education for underprivileged children and youth living in the temples of Angkor and its surrounding villages. http://ecoledubayon.org/
Les Enfants de Klang Leu
Assistance in schooling and improving the living conditions of children in Cambodia http://les-enfants-de-klang-leu.org/
Passerelles numériques
(Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam)
Passerelles numériques operates in 3 Asian countries (Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam) to provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with training in IT trades and enable them to break the cycle of poverty by gaining real employability. https://www.passerellesnumeriques.org/fr/
Singapore Children’s Home http://terres-karens.org/
Terres Karens
An association under the 1901 law that provides logistical and financial support to development projects for Thai citizens of the Karen ethnic group. http://terres-karens.org/

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