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Franco-Singaporean scientific relations have grown constantly over the past 15 years.

At the end of the France - Singapore 2018 Year of Innovation, a new step forward in the bilateral relationship was taken with the creation of the France - Singapore Joint Science and Innovation Committee (COSIMIX) in 2019. A sustainable platform for developing a common scientific and technological cooperation strategy, COSIMIX brings together key players from both countries (research organisations, higher education institutions, corporate, start-ups, etc.) and aims to promote the transformation of research into industrial applications, the rapprochement of our entrepreneurial ecosystems and the exchange of young scientific talents between our two countries.

In addition, the National Centre for Scientific Research from France (CNRS) relocated its regional representative office to Singapore in 2014. Its first foreign subsidiary, CNRS@CREATE, was integrated into the Campus for Research And Technological Enterprise (CREATE) of the National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) in 2019.

In 2017, an agreement in the area of space cooperation was signed between the National Centre for Space Studies from France (CNES) and the Economic Development Board from Singapore (EBD), which allows for joint seminars to be organised each year to initiate new collaborations (micro and nano-satellites, climate change, space governance etc.).

In 2018, an agreement in artificial intelligence (AI) was signed between the CNRS, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and the National Institute of Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria) on the French side, and AI Singapore. Three joint workshops were organised alternately in Singapore and in France - June 2018 (Singapore), August 2019 (Lyon), December 2019 (Singapore) - to facilitate research projects in AI and health; explainable AI; distributed and consolidated learning; natural language processing; privacy, trust and responsibility in AI and data sharing.

Joint Laboratories

In the last decade, five laboratories were created in Singapore, namely four CNRS international research laboratories (ex-UMIs) and one French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) joint laboratory:

  • IPAL (Image and Pervasive Access Lab), working in the field of indexing and image search by content and signal processing analysis.
  • CINTRA (CNRS International NTU Thales Research Alliance), dealing in nano components and new associated circuit structures to push beyond current technological boundaries.
  • BMC² (BioMechanics of Cellular Contacts), focusing on a multidisciplinary study of the mechanisms regulating cellular contacts, "mecanosensing", the establishment of cell polarity, "juxtacrine" interactions and the formation of cell-cell junctions.
  • MajuLab is a multidisciplinary laboratory conducting research on quantum physics, laser physics, quantum computing, two-dimensional materials and soft matter.
  • SCARCE (Singapore CEA Alliance for Research in the Circular Economy) is dedicated to the research on electronic waste recycling in the circular economy.

Merlion Programme

Created in 2006,the Merlion Programme (Partenariat Hubert Curien) is managed by the Embassy of France in Singapore in partnership with Singaporean institutions of higher learning. This programme supports the development of scientific cooperation between French and Singaporean laboratories and takes three forms:

  • Merlion project: Funding of trips for France and Singapore researchers, post-docs or Ph.D. students involved in a bilateral research project.
  • Merlion workshop: Organisation of a workshop, either in France or Singapore on a joint subject that is likely to lead to a formalised research collaboration.
  • Merlion Ph.D. scholarship: Funding of doctoral students enrolled in a Singaporean institution of higher learning, for a stay in France of up to six months per year over three years.

Other funding opportunities are available here.

The French Lab Singapore

Jointly managed by the French Embassy in Singapore, the CNRS and the French Chamber Singapore, French Lab targets the French academic and private industry scientific community in Singapore. The objective is to keep the community updated on the latest news regarding the academic, scientific and technological cooperation between France and Singapore, through events such as conferences, seminars or laboratory visits.

The Science and Innovation France - Singapore Lectures Series

This series of prestigious lectures held in Singapore given by prominent French scientists was launched in 2019. It is organised jointly by the Embassy of France in Singapore, the Collège de France and the National Research Foundation Singapore and supported by the Paris Sciences Lettres University (PSL). Information about the lectures are announced regularly on

The Innovation Circles

In 2017, the Embassy of France launched the organisation of the "Cercles de l’Innovation" (Innovation Circles), a series of meetings focusing on innovation. The objective is to offer a platform for interaction, sharing and exchange on a given theme between academic, institutional and industrial experts from Singapore and France.

The topics that have been covered so far were wide-ranging:
- Smart Mobility, 21 February 2017 ;
- Cloud Computing, 8 May 2017 ;
- Virtual Reality, 17 May 2017 ;
- Fintech, 13 September 2017 ;
- Aging, 23 November 2017 ;
- Artificial Intelligence, 17 February 2018 ;
- Maritime Technologies, 13 March 2018 and 6 June 2018 ;
- Biotechnologies, 4 July 2018 ;
- Heritage and Innovation, 30 November 2018 ;
- Circular Economy, 12 March 2019 ;
- Hospital Transformation, 11 June 2019 ;
- New Space, 27 June 2019.

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