Diplomatic Chancellery

The Diplomatic Chancellery, under the direct authority of the Ambassador, takes charge of political analysis of Singapore and the region and maintains bilateral relations in all aspects.

The Ambassador, in his mission, is assisted by other services of the Embassy in terms of a cultural, scientific, technical, economic or financial nature.

The diplomatic chancellery :

• informs the French authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the situation in Singapore, which it analyses and provides recommendations ;
• is the intermediary between the French and Singaporean authorities with regards to bilateral and multilateral relations in the international political domain ;
• assists the Ambassador in his political action ;
• coordinates the preparation and execution of official visits.

It works primarily with the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as, whenever necessary, with all public authorities and private groups which are interested in the bilateral franco-singaporean relation.

Dernière modification : 03/12/2014

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