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The signature in 2009 of an intergovernmental agreement on cultural cooperation between France and Singapore by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs strongly supported cultural exchanges between the two countries and strengthened France’s position as a privileged partner to support Singapore’s cultural ambitions.

In 2019, the French and Singaporean Ministers of Culture decided to give new impetus to cultural cooperation by signing a new agreement in Paris on 12 November 2019. The fields of cooperation were then broadened to include the following priorities:
- Cultural engineering and exchange of professional expertise in the sectors of arts and culture;
- Skills development for Singaporean arts and culture professionals;
- Identification of the respective artistic scenes by professionals from both countries;
- Artists’ residencies in France and Singapore;
- French-Singaporean co-productions in the field of performing arts and co-commissioning of exhibitions;
- Exchanges in the literary field;
- Participation of French and Singaporean artists in major cultural events and festivals in both countries.

This agreement strengthens French exchanges and positions in the Singaporean cultural leisure market. Beyond this agreement, the multiplication of partnerships between institutions (National Heritage Board and Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais, Singapore Art Museum and Centre Pompidou, Asian Civilisations Museum and Musée du Quai Branly, National Gallery and Centre Pompidou, etc.) is only intensifying our cultural cooperation, whose dynamism also extends to the private sector.

As part of the French government’s priority given to the development of French cultural and creative industries, Singapore is one of the target countries for the international dimension. Three sectors receive special attention: visual arts, music industry and audio-visual contents.

Voilah! France Singapore Festival

While maintaining a significant institutional cooperation component, which constitutes an asset, both in terms of economic and cultural diplomacy, the Embassy of France has also wished to enrich it with a more dynamic and more visible programming component in the eyes of the public by giving in 2019 a strong impetus to the Voilah! France Singapore Festival.

Through this festival, the aim is to strengthen the links between France and Singapore through an evolving and diversified offer in the fields of culture, education, science and lifestyle. For each edition, major public and private Singaporean institutions are participating. The line-up preparation is done in close collaboration with the latter in order to strengthen the local anchoring of the festival. Since 2019, it has integrated the French Film Festival to its line-up.

Cultural exchanges between France and Singapore are developing specifically in the following four areas.

Visual arts, design and architecture

Responding to the common strategic priorities of the French and Singaporean authorities in the museum and heritage fields, the Embassy of France in Singapore supports the visit of French exhibitions, artists and experts to Singaporean museums, galleries and festivals.

Innovative artistic creations, digital, light and multimedia installations are particularly appreciated by a Singaporean public that is sensitive and responsive to new technologies.

The design sector is developing rapidly in Singapore (seasons, conferences, creation of a university, incubators, actions towards companies, etc.), and the issues of architecture and heritage preservation closely affect the City-State.

Finally, French people who have established a long-term presence in Singapore take an active part in the artistic vitality of the local scene, as artists, educators, curators, etc.

Live performance and music

The Embassy of France in Singapore promotes French music, dance, theatre, performing and street arts, by supporting local partners who wish to present artists and works related to France.

As far as music is concerned, Singapore is a real platform for understanding and approaching regional markets. The diversity of the communities that make up the city’s identity is reflected in the different actors of the Singaporean creative class. Their excellent knowledge of the specificities of the Asia-Pacific markets enables Singaporean professionals to coordinate regional development strategies.

French music is well represented in Singapore, including classical, contemporary and electronic aesthetics. French soloists of international stature come regularly to collaborate with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. The various current music halls and clubs (Zouk, The Avenue, Cé La Vi, etc.) welcome throughout the year French DJs (Roche Musique, Ed Banger). Finally, cooperation with local promoters (Collective Minds, Tropika SG, Figure8 Agency) allows the independent French scene to become part of the Singaporean musical landscape.

Dance is also well represented in Singapore with regular collaborations with the Singapore International Festival of the Arts, the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay (da:ns) and independent dance companies (T.H.E Dance Company, Frontier Danceland, etc ). Shows aimed at young audiences are a great success with the Singaporean public.

Street and circus arts are also present with regular collaborations with the “Arts in your Neighbourhood” programme of the National Arts Council, the “Night Festival” organised each year by the National Museum of Singapore, “Flipside” by l’Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay or the regular programmes of Gardens by the Bay. The desire for French culture, creation and expertise is also reflected in exchanges with Singaporean art schools and their affiliated art centres (LASALLE ICA, NTU CCA, NAFA Art Galleries, etc.) with whom artistic residency programs are regularly mounted.

This overview presents the legal framework, the main players and the major market issues related to music copyright in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Written by MusicAlly, a specialist in the music industry worldwide, this study aims to highlight the specificities of copyright in each of these strategic territories. Each part is organized as follows: a description of the general laws governing copyright, followed by details of the scope of application of the laws in force. Secondly, the report describes the roles and functions of the institutions responsible for the protection and enforcement of copyright. Finally, the study provides both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of market trends in copyright-related activities (music publishing, licensing, collective management organizations) and concludes with a detailed mapping of the major players in this field.

PDF - 11.2 Mb
The Music Industries of Japan, Korea and Taiwan Copyright Overview
(PDF - 11.2 Mb)

Asian Music Marketing Report

This report is designed as a practical guide for music professionals who want to build a successful digital strategy in Asia. Developed with CANGLO, a marketing specialist based in Singapore, this document is organized around three main points:

- an overview of music consumption trends in Asia - this first part ends with practical advice and concrete examples of implementation (e.g. marketing plan),
- Case studies presented in collaboration with Facebook / Instagram and TikTok
- A thematic directory of the main players in the sector in Asia

PDF - 2 Mb
Asian Music Marketing Report
(PDF - 2 Mb)

Books and ideas

The Embassy of France in Singapore promotes literature and ideas and supports collaborations in these fields, through invitations to authors and publishing professionals (in particular during the Singapore Writers Festival) to participate in conferences, symposia and exhibitions on local and global issues.

A “French Corner" in the National Library Singapore, created with the support of the Embassy of France in 2007, makes available 1,000 French books in one of the four official languages of the City-State, English, Mandarin, Tamil and Malay.

France Singapore Cultural Cooperation - Financial Support Schemes

A non-exhaustive catalogue of financial support schemes offered by the French authorities and their agencies in support for cultural cooperation between France and Singapore is presented in the document below:

PDF - 978.7 kb
France-Singapore Cultural Cooperation Financing Schemes
(PDF - 978.7 kb)

Audio-visual Contents


The Embassy of France in Singapore develops the presence of French cinema by supporting both its commercial exploitation and its cultural dissemination, and by working towards greater cultural diversity so that local filmmaking can also find its place. This takes the form of financial support for independent distributors and festivals, networking of filmmakers, and support for institutions.

French support for cinema

Historically, France has always supported the cultural expression of artists worldwide. As such, it has tools at its disposal to promote cultural diversity and enable filmmakers who wish to do so to find the means to make their production a reality.

The Embassy of France in Singapore informs local actors about the different schemes available in France and Europe to support Asian filmmakers: Fonds Aide au Cinéma du Monde, workshops and festivals, artist residencies, tax credit, support for distribution.

For further details, download the following brochure:

PDF - 1.2 Mb
French and European Support for Film Production and Distribution
(PDF - 1.2 Mb)
Where to see French films in Singapore?

The Embassy of France in Singapore promotes French cinema in Singapore and the region on a long-term basis through active support to local distributors. In Singapore, French films are regularly screened at The Projector, Shaw Lido Theatres, Golden Village cinemas, etc?.

The Alliance française de Singapour also has a digital room where French cinema is regurlarly screened.

French films can also be seen at numerous festivals: European Union Film Festival, Francophonie Festival, French Animation Film Festival, French Film Festival, Perspectives Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, etc.

How to shoot in Singapore?

To film in Singapore, foreign journalists and any member of a film crew - if they are not sponsored by a government agency to cover an event - must obtain a “Miscallaneous Work Pass" (MWP). For more information:

PDF - 140.5 kb
Filming in Singapore (2020)
(PDF - 140.5 kb)

The Embassy of France in Singapore supports studios, schools and collaborations in order to facilitate its establishment on the Asian market: facilitation of university exchanges and student mobility, invitation of professionals for master classes, organization of meetings between professionals.

Cooperation projects also help to promote Asian production on the international scene and in France in particular: invitation of artists to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market, support for government agencies in charge of promoting the sector.


The Embassy of France in Singapore supports French media in expanding their distribution in the region, as well as foreign media wishing to benefit from French expertise.

It is the relay of France 24 and RFI in its search for new partners and carries out a monitoring mission to be able to inform any French media wishing to set up in the area.

For the local media, regional programmes such as the 4M set up with Canal France International, the public operator in charge of media cooperation, allows meetings and exchanges between journalists from an entire zone, and discussions on contemporary themes and issues.


The Embassy of France in Singapore builds bridges between France and South-East Asia to enable the creation and dissemination of digital artistic projects in the field of immersive realities (virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.) and video games. Within the creative industries, video games industry is one of the fastest growing multimedia sectors in Singapore and the French companies Ubisoft, Gameloft and more recently Virtuous and Ankama have moved there.

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